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Centre for Plant Biotechnology

The Centre for Plant Biotechnology (CPB) was established as Centre for Research and Application in Plant Tissue Culture (CRAPTC) Tissue Culture Laboratory in March, 2000 jointly by Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi and Haryana State Council for Science & Technology, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Haryana in the premises of CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar.
The Centre has well equipped plant tissue culture laboratories and is engaged in the multiplication of elite germplasm of several crops through tissue culture. In view of the emphasis laid by the State Govt. to diversify farming and shift towards unconventional form of cultivation, this Centre has immense role in providing good quality planting material of crop plants, horticultural crops, forest trees and medicinal and aromatic plants to the farmers and other user departments.
The Department of Biotechnology, Government of India declared Centre for Research and Application in Plant Tissue Culture (CRAPTC) as the regional hardening facility during the 10th Five Year Plan under Consortium on Micropropagation Research and Technology Development. The Centre was renamed as CPB in October, 2007 to widen its research mandate. Within a few years of its existence, the Centre has earned a national renown for its contributions to Plant Tissue Culture.

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We, being a research organization mandated for overall welfare of equines, are responsible for providing best services to the nation’s poorest-of-the-poor (landless, small and marginal farmers), powerful (police, paramilitary forces and army) and the richest-of-the-rich (race clubs, breeders, turf authorities of India) equine keepers besides researching in the frontier areas of science and technology for its application in improvement of equine health and production